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Most of Rocky Point Vacation Club’s promotional vacation packages include all meals, drinks and non-motorized activities. The discounted package price is for 2 adults and 2 children, typically 12 years of age and under. Some of our resorts have different requirements for children, so please refer to the terms and conditions for the specific resort you are purchasing. Besides meeting the qualifications and attending the 90-minute resort preview, there are no other obligations. Purchasers of vacation packages must meet the resort`s qualifications at time of purchase and upon resort check-in.

Group Travel: Rocky Point Vacation Club’s resorts will typically honor only one package per family. If you are travelling with other parties, to include friends that are not family, this package cannot be used, but you may use it anytime during the 9-18 months (depending on the specific resort’s Terms and Conditions) from date of purchase.

NOTE: Group travel is allowed at Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto ONLY. This resort will honor up to three different parties (non-family) that may travel during the same or similar travel dates utilizing this promotional package. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the termination of your promotional package pricing and you will be required to pay full rack-rate for your vacation package(s)

Credit Card: One of the qualifications you agreed to and understood prior to the purchase of your vacation package was that you have a major credit card and that it would be required to be on your person in order to check into the resort. Without a major credit card, you will not be permitted to

check-in at the resort. Some of our resorts except debit cards, so please refer to the specific Terms and Conditions for the resort vacation package you are purchasing. The qualified traveler MUST be the credit card holder as indicated by that person’s name being imprinted on the card.



The Resort Preview Presentation. In order to be eligible for most of the vacation promotions (unless otherwise indicated by Rocky Point Vacation Club, LLC, or one of its authorized representatives), you, if single and/or you and your spouse or qualifying significant other must attend a 90-minute resort preview presentation. This promotion is offered exclusively to first-time travelers to the chosen resort only. If you already own any type of vacation ownership or full or fractional real estate in any city of any of the resorts that Rocky Point Vacation Club, LLC represents, you are not eligible for this promotion.

Age/ Income/Language:


Married Couples - at least one of the qualified participants must be in the age range of 30 to 70 years old.


Legally Single Women – must be between 30 to 70 years of age.


Legally Single Men – must be between 35 and 59 years of age.

A minimum $50,000 USD ($75,000 CDN) annual household income (regardless whether you’re single or a couple) is a required to qualify for the chosen vacation package (unless otherwise indicated on that resort’s Terms and Conditions).


Must be employed full-time or be completely retired to participate. Part-time employment does not qualify.

Full-time students do not qualify.

All qualified participants must fluently speak, read and understand either English or Spanish.


Identification Requirements: The pre-qualified vacation package purchaser must present a major credit card and government-issued photo ID at the beginning of the resort preview presentation. Married parties or couples must prove that they live together at the same address. Acceptable proof is government-issued picture IDs with matching address and/or a marriage certificate.


Marital Status/Countries: In order to qualify for the promotional pricing of this vacation package: (1) If married, you must travel with your spouse or your qualifying significant other/partner as indicated in the preceding paragraph otherwise the offer is invalid; (2) Legally single men and women are qualified to travel if they meet all other criteria of the Terms and Conditions contained in this disclosure; and (3) This offer is valid only for residents of the USA or Canada who meet all other qualifications. Valid USA or Canadian government-issued photo ID must be presented by all guests.

Confirmation Process/ Resort Fees: Your chosen resort will be contacting you within 7 days of purchasing your vacation package. The purpose is to confirm your purchase and to issue an official travel confirmation number. If you do not yet have confirmed travel dates, then your reservation will remain open, without dates; however, in most cases, unless otherwise indicated, you may still receive a resort confirmation and welcome call. During the 9-18 months (depending on the chosen resort’s specific Terms and Conditions) that you remain eligible to partake of your travel package, and upon finalization of your travel dates, YOU must then call the resort to reserve your stay dates and to acquire your confirmation number. If there’s a resort fee associated with the resort you’ve chosen, those fees will be collected up-front by the resort at the point-in-time in which the resort provides you with a confirmation number. Confirmation numbers will not be issued prior to payment of those fees. Resort fees range in cost from no cost to $29.99 per room, per night for the total number of nights of your vacation stay. Resort fees cover the use of resort amenities, (non-motorized) activities and certain events, if applicable (see resort specific Terms and Conditions).


General Terms, Conditions and Rescheduling Polices: When traveling to a Rocky Point Vacation Club partnered or affiliated resort, the purchaser of the vacation package must attend the resort preview presentation within the first 2 days of arrival (typically your first night) and said presentation must be with the resort from whom you purchased your promotional travel package. This offer cannot be used consecutively with any other resort stays. Furthermore, you are not eligible if: (1) employed by any affiliated hotel or resort; (2) currently employed in any aspect of the travel industry or (3) employed by any airline. Rocky Point Vacation Club, LLC, does not set policies related to eligibility requirements to qualify and purchase these promotional vacation packages. We provide these opportunities strictly in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth by the resorts we represent. If for any reason, Rocky Point Vacation Club, LLC, believes the purchaser of the offered promotional vacation package is not qualified and does not meet the basic eligibility requirements to participate, Rocky Point Vacation Club, LLC, may cancel the promotional vacation package at any time prior to commencement of travel. Any and all change requests after initial resort confirmation number is issued are based solely upon the resort’s room availability and, in most cases, require a 14-day prior notice of your scheduled arrival date in order to make changes to resort stay dates without penalty (see resort specific Terms and Conditions).


Contradictory Terms & Conditions: Rocky Point Vacation Club, LLC, is contracted with a large number of resort communities to offer you deeply discounted vacation packages and, as such, there exists many resort specific qualification variables which may change from time to time without notice. This document lists both specific and general requirements. If contradictory information between this Site and the resort’s website exists, the resort’s Terms and Conditions will prevail.